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Boomerang 2016 Crowd Funding Campaign | from 4th December 2015

“This festival matters. There is nothing comparable in Australia”

— Hon. Tony Burke, MP


All crowd funding packs will be sent to contributors week commencing 4th April 2016 – Thank you for your support and patience during this busy time!


Australia Council for the Arts recently reported that:

  • 92% of Australians agree that Indigenous arts are an important part of Australia’s culture
  • 64% of Australians have a strong or growing interest in Indigenous arts
  • 24% of Australians attended Indigenous arts in the previous year

(Source Australia Council for the Arts, 2015)

Boomerang offers the solution to this discrepancy between people interested in engaging, and not knowing how to access Aboriginal culture.

The Boomerang Festival has the desired aim of ending the disparity between Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal Australia by providing an annual creative event that builds strong partnerships and showcases First Nations’ advantage: quite simply, their culture. Bluesfest, as Boomerang’s only non-government partner, invites you to join them as leaders in positive change in our local, state, and national cultural landscape.

We invite you to lead the change we want and need to see in our national narrative.

“The Boomerang precinct at Bluesfest is all about cherishing culture and ending the disparity between Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal Australia. This Intergenerational exchange will allow our loyal audiences a unique hands-on engagement and experience while allowing the Boomerang Festival to build audiences and find support as a future stand-alone festival”

— Peter Noble, Festival Director, Bluesfest

Without adequate funding, Boomerang must raise funds to grow into the stand alone festival, and a major contributor to the North NSW cultural landscape, tourism and economy, as well as a landmark event for Australia.

NSW has the largest population of Aboriginal Australians than any other state in the country, and less fiscal support than other regions in the country. Ownership & pro-activeness with art & culture is key to empowerment and inclusion in our diverse society.

On Friday 4th December 2016, Boomerang Festival is launching a Crowd Funding Campaign, where for 60 days, we will be raising money to contribute to the quality programming of the 2016 precinct, and investing the festival’s growth for future years.

Crowd funding packages range from $25 to $7,000, all offering wonderful cultural gifts and experiences, thanks to the generous support of organisations including:



Boomerang Festival Fundraising Dinner

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