Boomerang Festival is performed within Bluesfest so to attend you must purchase a Bluesfest ticket.

Meet Our Partners

“These businesses are renowned for their standard of excellence, and that they want to partner with us is truly exciting, because excellence is what we stand for too. It's about sharing and working together to truly close the gap. This is the future of what partnerships looks like, and we're leading the change right here on my country. It means so much.”
— Rhoda Roberts, Boomerang Festival Director

“Boomerang Festival is an important festival for Rhythms and for Australia. We get the opportunity to learn more about Aboriginal culture, music and teaching through this wonderful and enlightening platform which is one of its kind. It’s needs our support to make sure that something so important doesn’t get lost. We are excited to be a small part of a big thing.”
— Catherine & James, Managing Editors, Rhythms Magazine

“We're so proud to be able to support the Boomerang Festival and help raise awareness of Aboriginal art and culture. It's great that Bluesfest has given it a home and if 2016 was anything to go by, then 2017 is bound to be another amazing display of cultural performances from around the world”
— Jeff Bennett, Three Blue Ducks

“Photographing community in a professional capacity or at their kitchen table is an even playing field in my eyes, the level of responsibility cannot be measured in a 9am-5pm timeframe. Documenting community at such significant events such as the Boomerang Festival provides a valuable visual dialogue that can be understood and shared in an International capacity and more importantly our immediate communities, this type of documenting is second nature to me and i am honoured to be able to provide the power of the image for such an important cause. (25 September 2016)”
— Jo-Anne Driessens

“In my decade as a broadcaster for the ABC, as well as a writer, teacher and student ever since, I’ve been privileged to sit with some of the highest calibre humans in the world. Sitting in story with Rhoda and the Boomerang team, left me speechless...in quiet contemplation...for days. A common echo from all who came. So great is the level of integrity to revive culture with disciplined authenticity; so courageous the spirit to fulfill this obligation and so generous in the sharing - in Boomerang sits the knowledge and potential to unite a broken nation”
— Lissie Turner, Broadcaster