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Ben Knight

Benjamin is a Brisbane based photographer passionate about supporting causes through powerful imagery. He has a long history supporting disadvantaged groups with early experiences working with street kids in Ecuador and prisoners in Bolivia shaping all future experiences. 

Benjamin has spent 5 years in the Gulf of Australia working with remote Aboriginal communities. His focus has always been on walking the journey with the people he works with and holding culture as the linchpin to positive change. The main focus on the support provided in the Gulf communities was around the reduction in alcohol abuse and family violence. He was lucky enough to be chosen to conduct a review of the Queensland Corrective Services Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander programs putting him face to face with a number of rural and remote communities all over Queensland. 

Benjamin now spends the majority of his time working on the issues of youth justice with a focus including the voices of young people in the discussion. He incorporates powerful video and imagery to ensure that the decision makers and the community understand the issues from the people that matter.

More info here: http://benjaminknightphotography.com/

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