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Getano Bann

‘Issues affecting island communities’

As a singer, song writer, story teller, registered music therapist, for Getano Bann, music, dance, storytelling and humour were an influential and integral part of his childhood, growing up in an extended Torres Strait Islander Family. As a music therapist Getano works with children on the streets, in drug rehabilitation and in detention centres, and is passionate about the power of music and the arts in healing process.

His songs are a rich blend and mixture of musical styles including Latin, Blues, Soul, Funk, Ballads, Reggae and Rock. GETANO intertwines family stories, cultural perspectives, life lessons, self-reflective moments and gollops of humour, which makes a performance of irresistible listening and entertaining moments.

GETANO works as a Registered Music Therapist specialising in Children and Adolescents issues including addictions, self-esteem, anger, grief loss and bereavement and mental health, working  in numerous settings, situations and environments from Prisons, Youth Centres, Schools, Refuges, Flexible Learning Centres, Libraries, Detox Units, Hospitals, Respite Centres, Community Centres and Kindergartens.

He has also worked as a professional Dancer (Aboriginal Islander Dance Theatre), Graduate of CASM (Centre of Aboriginal Studies in Music), Dance Choreographer – Outback Children Spectacular (2,500 School children from Outback NSW 1988), Conceptualising and Coordinating ‘Peace in the Park’ (1990, the 10th Anniversary of the slaying of John Lennon), and working with several theatre companies.

Gatano has been a guest presenter on the Humphy ‘B’ Bear show, performing at various high profile festivals including the Woodford / Maleny Folk Festivals, 4th South Pacific Festival (Tahiti), Bellingen Global Roots Festival, Queensland Writer’s Festival, Thredbo World Music Festival, Torres Strait Islander Festival, Warana, Winter Solstice, The Biennial, Dar’ Festival, Adelaide and Brisbane Fringe Festivals, NAIDOC Celebrations and Public speaking engagements. 


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